Lunch Menu

  Gourmet Teas
Tea Pot
Two cup pot of Tea paired with Milk or Lemon
$ 3.00                    Hot Tea Refill $ 2.00

Gourmet Iced Tea
Unlimited refills of our iced tea during your dining experience.
$ 3.00                    to Go $ 2.25

Gourmet Soups
Tomato Cream Soup
Our comforting Tomato Soup is a blend of tomatoes, light cream, onions, garden rice and carrots.
Cup $ 4.00 Bowl $ 8.00                  Add a Cheddar Scone $ 2.50 for a small / $ 5.00 for a large

Victorian Soup
An authentic Victorian Era cream soup made with asparagus, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cucumber, chicken, and ham pureed together with light cream. Recipe from Charles Francatelli, Chief Cook to Queen Victoria, dated 1865.
Cup $ 4.00 Bowl $ 8.00                  Add a Cheddar Scone $ 2.50 for a small / $ 5.00 for a large

House Salads

Baked Chicken Salad with Vanilla Cinnamon Dressing

Our baked chicken, apples, strawberries, bananas and grapes are served on fresh greens and topped with almonds.  This Salad is dressed with a rich vanilla cream dressing with a hint of cinnamon.
$ 12.75

Fresh Fruit Salad

Farm fresh strawberries, grapes, bananas, pears, and apples all served with yogurt. You can either get it hugged in honey or drizzled with our poppy seed dressing.  $ 7.75

Tearoom Four Salads Treat

One scoop Chicken Waldorf Salad, one scoop Chicken Chutney Salad, a Mini Regal Salad and fresh fruit with poppy seed dressing. This salad is served with a cheddar cheese scone $ 14.75

Chicken Chutney Pecan Salad

We prepare baked chicken, toasted pecans, mayo, bacon, sour cream & Glenwood’s homemade fruit chutney blend to form this amazing chicken salad. This salad is served on a bed of red tip lettuces with crackers & our famous chutney $ 10.75

Soup & Salad Combination

This combo is your choice of soup and a Mini Regal Salad with Chicken, two scoops of chicken chutney or chicken Waldorf. Crackers are provided as well $ 11.00

Glenwood Regal Salad

Truly a house favorite, the Glenwood Regal Salad is made with spring mix, apples, mozzarella, and walnuts topped with lemon pepper sweet cream dressing.
Mini       $ 6.75    with baked chicken $ 8.00
Small     $ 8.00   with baked chicken $ 11.00
Large     $ 9.75    with baked chicken $ 14.75
Add a Cheddar Scone $ 2.50 for a small / $ 5.00 for a large

Chicken Waldorf Salad

Our signature baked chicken, mayo, celery, walnuts, Granny Smith apples, honey & dried cranberries on top of fresh greens. This salad is served with crackers $ 10.75


Canadian Bacon and Gouda Quiche with Artichokes

A rich egg quiche with Canadian bacon, artichokes, diced tomatoes, cream cheese and seasonings all accompanied with Fresh Fruit Salad, Poppy Seed Dressing, and a Glenwood Cheddar Cheese Scone.
$ 14.75

Soup & Sandwich Combination

This Combo is your choice of soup and one-half turkey dilled, chicken chutney pecan salad, or chicken Waldorf sandwich on wheat berry or croissant.
 $ 11.00


Our famous chicken salad served on a large cheddar scone with spring mix, tomato, mayo and chutney.
$ 10.75


Glenwood's Maple BLT

This BLT is like no other! Maple baked bacon piled high with fresh greens, Provolone cheese, tomato, honey mustard and mayonnaise on toasted Milton’s Multigrain wheat bread. This sandwich is even paired with our homemade pickles..
$ 11.00

Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

Our chief’s favorite chicken salad is compiled of apples, walnuts, dried cranberries, fresh greens & mated with wheat berry bread. This Sandwich also comes with our signature dressing.
$ 11.00         Change sandwich bread to toasted Croissant $ 1.50

Chicken Rice Crepe topped with Béchamel Sauce & Mini Regal

Chicken, garden rice, mushrooms, & carrots in a crepe shell with a Béchamel Sauce on top accompanied with a cheddar cheese scone. This is served with a Mini Regal Salad.
$ 14.75    

Tea Finger Sandwiches

 A heart shaped cucumber sandwich, a turkey with dilled mayonnaise tea finger sandwich, a pimiento tea finger sandwich, a scoop of Chicken Waldorf Salad, and a scoop of Chicken Chutney Salad.

Chicken Chutney Sandwich

Our famous chicken salad served on wheat berry bread with fresh greens, tomato, chutney and mayonnaise.
$ 11.00                Change sandwich bread to toasted Croissant $ 1.50

Michelle's Favorite Thing

Turkey with Dilled Mayo, topped with Provolone cheese, bacon, and cranberry conserve all on a toasted croissant.  It is served with house pickles.
$ 13.00
Large Entrees

Kid's Menu

Afternoonified Turkey Sandwich 

Turkey lovers can see the intelligence of a well done turkey sandwich. Your little one will as well, simplified by using the best ingredients found locally this sandwich continues to be our highest selling children’s treat.                                                      
$ 9.75  

Peanut Butter & Jelly 

We select organic peanut butter and use the finest ingredients to please even the pickiest of eaters.                                                      
$ 8.75


Chocolate Godiva Crepe

Rich chocolate fudge custard filling topped with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. All is then drizzled with a reduced chocolate sauce.
$ 5.00

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Our British Classic! Dense brown sugar & butter pudding cake married with our caramel sauce. The cinnamon sugar tops this dessert and continues to make it a traditional Glenwood favorite.
$ 5.00

White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Fresh Apples

A delicate white chocolate bread pudding made with croissants. Topped with fresh Granny Smith apples, rich caramel sauce & whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.      
$ 5.00
Our Signature Scones

Pecan Praline

Chocolate Chip
​Cranberry Orange

White Chocolate Apricot

$ 4.00 each
 Extra Lemon Curd & Devonshire Cream for $ 1.00